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Name: Huntress Nyghtwhisper, Shiri

Race: Kaldorei

Gender: Female

Age: 245 +

Hometown: Winterspring, specifically Starfall Village

Class: Hunter

Profession(s): Skinning, Leatherworking, Herbalism (* = she formerly had this skill in lieu of Leatherworking and she should be considered to still have it as herb gathering is part of her survivalist persona)

Hobbies: Wilderness survival (she is an expert on techniques for wilderness survival, she is a master at alpine survival skills, she is an expert at forest survival skills, and she is at least competent in all other environments excepting submarine and alien environments)

Strengths: Reliable to a fault, honest, dedicated, exceptionally strong willpower, fanatically devoted to her position and her leaders

Weaknesses: Fanatical devotion also means she does not question the morality of her orders, she will carry them out as they are given despite the fact she may know they are immoral, if there is any wiggle room she will always vie on the side of morality but if the orders are clear she will carry them out regardless of their immorality = a soldier does as she is told and questions later.

Personal Goals: Ensure the survival of all of those she is entrusted to defend, ensure the survival of her people (as secondary to the first goal), ensure the survival of her Company (as tertiary to the first goal), serve as a paragon of Sentinel performance and behavior.

Personality: Serious and dour, these are words that define this rugged elf. She is very much like the lands that made her, for she is rigid and unforgiving but patient and as irresistible as the steady grind of a glacier. She does not act without thought but when she moves to action she does not hesitate and she will not be dissuaded. She also does not rampage like a charging bear, her ways are of stealth and silence and quiet actions. Warriors charge ahead but she strikes from distance, from shadow, and those that come under her eye seldom know she has launched her attack and less often can find her to launch a counter attack. This is how she treats her life, not just combat but all things. She waits, she watches, she plans a course of action, and then she moves to action unseen and in silence. And the one thing that motivates her more than any other desire is her drive to become a Sentinel for her people.

Family Background: Her mother is a hunter and wilderness expert that has been a Winterspring resident since the time of the Sundering. Her father was the wandering Sellsword Ourrin Highblade and she barely knew the male, though he did manage to visit her a few times in her youth and fill her head with dreams of being a Sentinel some day.

Biography: Shiri has always been a loner, a being of high moral caliber, and one that willingly sacrificed herself and her time for others. She grew up learning her alpine home of Winterspring, trained by her mother in the ways of the hunt and of the frozen forests, and spending days off in the wilderness decades ahead of her peers. From her largely absentee father she learned how to fight, how to think critically, and eventually how to devote oneself to a personal moral code. Her mother never seemed greatly bothered by Ourrin’s absence, as she lay with the male as so many older Kaldorei do; for want of the moment and not of a relationship. Shiri, however, grew to detest the male for his inability to be there for her. She likewise developed something of an adversarial existence with the myriad other offspring of the quite fertile male. She devoted herself to the people of Winterspring, including the “horde” races that populated Everlook, and eventually fulfilled her dream of joining the esteemed Sentinels. She has never looked back since that fateful day, though she has seen and done things no life in Winterspring could have ever prepared her for.

Physical Description:Shiri is neither tall nor muscular for a Kaldorei female, so on a quick glance she hardly stands out. Her flesh is a very pale coloration and her hair is the fallow white of freshly fallen snow. She speaks with a very shallow accent that long time residents of Winterspring tend to acquire and her voice is soft, her words carefully enunciated, and her tone somewhat airy and ethereal. When she cares to loosen up her voice is naturally quite alluring, but a tendency to speak in a rigidly modulated tone, that borders on being monotone, detracts from those inherent qualities. She dresses casually in colors and garments familiar to residents of Winterspring, when she dresses casually that is. Most of the time she wears leathers for hunting and is bundled with the weapons and tools required for one that spend long weeks alone in the frozen wilderness around her home. In recent days she has taken to wearing what is deemed required as a Sentinel.

Role Play Notes: Shiri is serious. Always. She is not social, she is seldom friendly, and she does not like to pretend to be something that she is not. She is all work and very very little play. She is dull as a result. She is not intentionally dismissive, but if you are not part of her duties then you simply are not seen as being anything more than a passing waste of her time and she will treat you as such. She doesn’t have time to train soldiers that don’t know what the Principles of Life are. She is a busy soldier, the leader of an entire company, and if you don’t fit into her highly regimented schedule, or are one of her Company, then you are somebody else's problem. You can RP with her as a walk up but she’s not going to be sweet and sugar to you. Even if you know her quite well. Those days are behind her. She is a leader and she is busy. Period.
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